Saturday, September 11, 2010

0019 - Fort Steel

I remember going on trips with my grandparents to Fort Steel. Apparently my great grandfather was a tin smith there.
I loved, and still do love, the Candy shop. Mmmm Rum Butter Candy Sticks.
We went there for Easter once, and have seen the Live stag show a few times. There are performers on the street reenacting a scene from the era. If you are in the right places at the right times, you can get the whole story. Since My grandpa worked security there, when we went to the stage show, he was a natural to be the volunteer pulled up on stage. He was a bit of a cad, knowing the routine and all. I think my grandma felt he was a little over the top. It was fun.

When I brought Michelle to Cranbrook. I think it was the summer before we got married. I think...
anyways, we got to see the whole place, and all of the animals. I don't think I had ever gone to see the animals as much prior. Michelle's Cute when she sees farm animals. Little kid joy in a grown up form. I love it.
When we went through the exhibits Grandpa looked to see if anything had changed. I think they had added a few items.

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