Saturday, September 11, 2010

0018 - telegraph & back to school.

When My Grandpa worked for the school, he went back to school. He hadn't graduated from high school when he was younger, because in those days, you could start your career earlier, and be on your way. My Grandpa became a telegraph operator for Canada Pacific Rail. I believe he was only 14. I found that out at his funeral.
anyways, back to the school part. He went back to school, fitting in the classes here and there, until he hit the wall. I am very proud of my grandpa, to have gone back, and done so well. he managed to get almost everything for his Diploma. He was only missing his Grade 12 Math. I believe he took it. But math can be hard, especially when it's been 50 years or more since you took the class. And as my Grandpa has proved from his life: you don't actually need the things you learn in todays math Grade 12.
My Grandpa has always made me proud.

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