Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Old Shirts

A couple of days ago I wore one of my grandpa's old shirts. I have some shirts, and a few sweaters. They are not the most up to date in style or anything like that, but I like them. Some are a little snug. The one I wore still had a familiar smell. Maybe it's the fabric, or the detergent, or me just wanting it to have some lasting quality that can bring back a memory. I'm glad my grandma let me have some of his things. I don't call her enough. I never did call them enough.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

0020 - golfing

When I went to golf with my grandpa, a good while back, we went to the golf course he usually golfed at. Going along in his little truck. he then shed me around. we went to the driving range. Then we golfed the back 9. He tried to help me golf a little better. I'm stubborn so I didn't want to learn at the time. But he tried his best. He beet me easily, and I was happy to just have gotten out with him. he showed me in the clubhouse, then we went home for supper.
My grandma is not the biggest fan of his golf buddies. I think it is just the fact that they are retired, but get up early and treat the game like a job. Hey guys, your supposed to be retired. lol That, and that she really didn't get to know some of them.

0019 - Fort Steel

I remember going on trips with my grandparents to Fort Steel. Apparently my great grandfather was a tin smith there.
I loved, and still do love, the Candy shop. Mmmm Rum Butter Candy Sticks.
We went there for Easter once, and have seen the Live stag show a few times. There are performers on the street reenacting a scene from the era. If you are in the right places at the right times, you can get the whole story. Since My grandpa worked security there, when we went to the stage show, he was a natural to be the volunteer pulled up on stage. He was a bit of a cad, knowing the routine and all. I think my grandma felt he was a little over the top. It was fun.

When I brought Michelle to Cranbrook. I think it was the summer before we got married. I think...
anyways, we got to see the whole place, and all of the animals. I don't think I had ever gone to see the animals as much prior. Michelle's Cute when she sees farm animals. Little kid joy in a grown up form. I love it.
When we went through the exhibits Grandpa looked to see if anything had changed. I think they had added a few items.

0018 - telegraph & back to school.

When My Grandpa worked for the school, he went back to school. He hadn't graduated from high school when he was younger, because in those days, you could start your career earlier, and be on your way. My Grandpa became a telegraph operator for Canada Pacific Rail. I believe he was only 14. I found that out at his funeral.
anyways, back to the school part. He went back to school, fitting in the classes here and there, until he hit the wall. I am very proud of my grandpa, to have gone back, and done so well. he managed to get almost everything for his Diploma. He was only missing his Grade 12 Math. I believe he took it. But math can be hard, especially when it's been 50 years or more since you took the class. And as my Grandpa has proved from his life: you don't actually need the things you learn in todays math Grade 12.
My Grandpa has always made me proud.


When my grandpa worked as a custodian at one of the schools, while I was there to visit, I got to go to work with him one day. He showed me how the floor polisher worked, and he cleaned some of the hall, and a staircase while I watched. You soak it, the machine scrubs it, then you suck the water up. It's kind of cool. I got a lot of my really cool pens and mechanical pencils from grandpa.


My Grandpa taught me to play badnimton.
at first it was without a net. then came the net.
after maybe 2 years, on a grumpy day I ruined it by smashing the wooden racket onto the ground. Me being a brat, just not wanting to play at the time. I feel bad for doing that. I don't think I meant to break the racket, but that doesn't fix it. We didn't play as much badminton after that.

in their back yard, there was also Lawn Darts. The Metal ones that could take some parts out of you. I can see why they don't make them like that any more. We never hurt ourselves, but I can see how others may have.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

0015 - Union Worker

I am not sure if this is from when he worked for the Parks (Fort Steel) or for the schools.