Saturday, September 11, 2010

0020 - golfing

When I went to golf with my grandpa, a good while back, we went to the golf course he usually golfed at. Going along in his little truck. he then shed me around. we went to the driving range. Then we golfed the back 9. He tried to help me golf a little better. I'm stubborn so I didn't want to learn at the time. But he tried his best. He beet me easily, and I was happy to just have gotten out with him. he showed me in the clubhouse, then we went home for supper.
My grandma is not the biggest fan of his golf buddies. I think it is just the fact that they are retired, but get up early and treat the game like a job. Hey guys, your supposed to be retired. lol That, and that she really didn't get to know some of them.

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